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Nomination for the Grimme Prize

Aug 28, 2021

I was nominated for one of the most important German TV prizes: the Grimmepreis! I was nominated as part of the team behind the series “trudoku” (TV channel funk) for which I have worked as a writer and director

It was a wonderful experience to work on this completely new documentary format and to create some of the very first episodes. I created the episodes about “Vincent Gross” as well as “The Truck is your Home” and worked as a writer, director and producer. I created these episodes together with my own team of camera, sound, editing, sounddesign and colour grading. Our goal was to create in depth documentaries that reach a young audience. German television magazine DWDL wrote about the series: “This series shows gives glimpses into the lives of different people every week and with 200.000 followers on youtube the channel is very successful today. These numbers should make the producing TV channels ARD and ZDF hopeful as they show that there is an audience for sophisticated story in documentary first. Tru is also the most successful series of the TV channel funk in the mother company ZDF’s public media library.”

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