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New role as a film consultant.

Jan 31, 2023

I support the "Raum der Künste e.V." as a film expert. As an independent consultant, creative professionals can now contact me for film-related queries. Additionally, I conduct workshops on storytelling in film covering all steps of film production from the first idea to the film editing.

I am delighted to support the "Raum der Künste e.V." as an expert in film. Within this collective of independent cultural creators, numerous exciting new film projects are currently emerging. You can now reach out to me for consultations through the association. Additionally, starting in March, I will be conducting workshops on storytelling in film. I have previously realized an engaging dance film with American dancer Catherine Guerin for the interactive dance project "Moving Stories." Currently, I am directing another dance film with dancer Wayne Götz for the dance project "Moving Through."

More about the "Raum der Künste": It is a diverse group of creative minds who enjoy exploring beyond their own boundaries, have a passion for transdisciplinary projects, and prioritize cultural outreach across all age groups and demographics, alongside their own artistic endeavors.

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